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Mary Lewellen

My educational background includes an Bachelor's degree from Georgia State University with a major in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy. I recently completed a Master's Degree program in Education with a concentration in English As a Second Language at Valdosta State University. This Master's Degree program was entirely online. Attending classes in a virtual setting was a very different experience. I appreciated the flexibility of online learning. It allowed me the time to continue working while earning my degree.
I have worked in the capacity of student and teacher support at the elementary level for about twenty years. To be more specific, I work with small groups of students that are struggling in the content areas of reading and math. This allows the classroom teacher to progress through the lesson while I help those students that are not yet ready continue with new information. Outside of work, I have tutored students at various levels of their education, one to one in their homes. This provides a new perspective, interacting with both the student and family. A few of my private tutoring opportunities have been with students that are non native speakers of English. I have enjoyed the cultural exchange that seems to happen through conversations with these families. As a life long learner, I appreciate any opportunity to experience new things.
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