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Candace Hayden

My name is Candace and and I am Motivated by the need to empower and enlighten the upcoming generation through education. I am Equipped by the privileged experiences I have encountered in youth mentorship, leadership, and tutorship. I am Confident, as I am resolved that, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This qualifies my readiness to connect with you, my prospective student! My experience in tutorship and teaching goes back to the days counting down to my graduation from middle school to high school. I remember teaching a set of children a year or two below me concepts in English Language and Mathematics. I remember the feeling of peace which arrested by being as they were receptive to what was being taught. Now, in College, when my colleagues who may have difficulties in areas approach me and they are able to understand, the same peace rushes over me. The moments in time, when I provide advice and counsel to youth empowering them to dismiss the thoughts "I cannot or I am not good enough" and the moments, when life to my these youth just seem too much, I provide a prayer and a verse from the Greatest Book ever written, the Bible.

I must say, apart from the euphoric feeling of peace and happiness which rushes over me at the success of those who I take under my wings, is the fact that, I am challenged yet once again, to help the child find, strength and see light into every reason given to see the darkness of failure. It is the joy that comes with being taught a lesson or lessons by the very ones who should be on the receiving end. I appreciate the reciprocal nature of tutorship as it is what matter the most. The fact that, everyone has something to teach hence, learning is unending and that, is certainly BEAUTIFUL!
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