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Robert Lee Leach

I am Robert from America. And I would very much like to be your English teacher.

I love teaching English and care very much about the success of my students. I know how important it is for them to speak English well.

It is my sincere hope that my teaching can help people, young and older, have a better life.

I have been teaching English as a second language for many years. For two years in Vietnam I taught children as young as three, students in public school, grades 1 thru 9 and taught a class of hospital doctors. Here in America most of my teaching has been to foreign students and their families at The Pennsylvania State University.

My strengths in teaching are pronunciation, everyday conversation English, business English and American culture and life.

I have spoken English all my life as my only language - and I speak it very well, with no distinguishable accent. Many students I have taught, tell me my English is very easy to understand. In addition, I have the ability to understand what foreign speakers are trying to say, as they search for the correct English words.

I have a B. S. in education from The Pennsylvania State University here in the United States and I have a certificate in TESOL - Teaching English as a Second or Other Language.

Learning English can be difficult to learn – I know this from experience. Although I take my teaching serious, I make the learning experience fun. I welcome you to come join me!
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