A+ Teacher

Teacher Profile

Yvette M Watson

Multi-talented teaching professional, committed to providing a solid education and instilling the appreciation for reading and writing in all students. Talented for integrating solid lesson plans and providing a well-rounded learning experience for students. Ability to tailor lessons to meet students’ diverse needs and capture their interest and imagination. Compassionate and inspiring; maintain a motivated and well-disciplined classroom where each student feels special, cared for, and successful. Trustworthy educator with exceptional communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills to cultivate strong relationships with parents, students, and all members of the school community. My skills include:

• Creative Lesson Plan Development
• Excellent Customer Service
• Professional Writing Certified
• Professional Development
• Online Teaching and Training
• Proofreading and Editing
Student's Level
Pre Intermediate (Beginners)
Lower Intermediate
Course Options Business English
Business English
Working English
Daily Conversation
Office Vocabularies
Academic Writing
English Writing
Thesis Defense Writing
Business Report Writing
Business Letter
Business Proposal
Study in the US
American universities
Universities application process
Recommendation letter
Study plan