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Jiaming Jiang

Hello, my name is Jiaming Jiang, and I would love to become your English teacher.
I have a passion for sharing what I know with other people. While in college, I would often tutor my friends before exams, especially in biology and education classes, as I was very good in those subjects. It would fill me with joy every time I saw my friends also get As on their exams.
I graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education for English/Communication. During my years at university, I spent a year teaching high school students in Altoona, PA, where I taught a few marking periods of English classes and Greek mythology classes.
Being a bilingual individual, I can speak fluent Chinese and English with no distinguishable accent. Going through the process of learning a second language also made me much more aware of the language learning process that people go through as they learn a second language. I am sure this knowledge will be of great help as I take you through the same process.
My strength is teaching speaking, reading, and vocabulary, and I specialize in teaching students between middle school to high school. If you need help reading or understanding anything in your English textbooks, I am sure I will be able to help. I can also teach you basic reading, vocabulary, and pronunciation lessons if you are just beginning to learn English. If you wish to have a bit more fun while learning, I can also talk to you about American culture or about living in the U.S.
I believe that self-motivation is essential to learning, so I do my best to make my classes fun and engaging while being meaningful and beneficial. Do not be afraid to join my class as we learn together.
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