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Lydia Susana Mendivil

My name is Lydia Mendivil, and I was born in California. I am an American citizen and native English speaker. During the early years of my life, I lived and traveled all over the world. I lived in Latin America, South Africa and different parts of Europe. Then I came back to the United States and settled down.
I went to Georgia Perimeter College, obtained an associates degree in Spanish and received an award for excellence in Spanish at an honor's banquet. Then I went to Georgia State University and obtained a bachelor's degree in Spanish and a minor in Latin in the year 2000.
In the year 2000, I began working as a Spanish and English teacher during my first year of teaching. Although I have mainly taught Spanish for the last 20 years, my knack for languages gives me the ability to teach English as well.
Recently, I have taught art and fashion classes as enrichment programs with Little Scholars, LLC at public and private schools. Presently, I am an online English teacher to children in China with Vipkid with an advanced TESOL certificate.
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