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Michaela Amanda Strelec

Hi there!
My name is Michaela and I am a qualified primary and secondary educator.
I am a highly active and passionate individual.
I deeply love the arts; visual and musical.
I also thoroughly enjoy sports, travel, languages, writing and reading.
I pride myself on nourishing creative thinking and expression, alongside critical thinking skills.
I believe education should be personalized to the student’s needs, utilizing their strengths to improve areas needing growth.
I think a holistic approach is necessary to learning in encouraging the growth of an entire being.
I enjoy cross-disciplinary learning, allowing pieces to naturally fall together in a fluid, cohesive manner.
I consider myself a vivacious educator on a
mission to bring out the latent potentialities of my students.
Student's Level
Pre Intermediate (Beginners)
Lower Intermediate
Course Options Business English
Business English
Working English
Daily Conversation
Office Vocabularies
Sports and others
Social Science
Academic Writing
English Writing