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Wallace Bain Forbes

Hi! My name is Wallace Bain Forbes and I've been teaching English to Taiwanese students for 20 years. I come from the United Kingdom at I have a Masters Degree in Museum Studies, reflecting my interest in arts and culture.

In addition to conversational classes focusing on topics such as travel, design, architecture, current news events and, of course, culture, I teach business English to groups at their companies, dealing with themes such presentations, negotiations, interacting with clients and hosting meetings. Such classes often continue for a long time and it's one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching that I have the chance to get to know them closely and develop warm and friendly relationships.

Many students I teach need to enter universities in the U.K. or other English-speaking countries to do Masters courses. I teach them IELTS or TOEIC material as a test preparation in speaking, writing, listening and reading. Likewise, other students require practice for their ECL or GEPT tests. I relish to purpose of aiming at a specific target of enabling those students to reach the test score that is good for them.

I often focus on specific aspects of grammar structures, linking phrases, clauses, intonation and pronunciation, the last mentioned being particularly requested. In other classes, I focus on articles and discussions on concerning the culture, arts and history of Europe and Britain in particular, which is especially useful for students who are going to the UK for study or living.

My style of teaching is thorough and engaging, aiming to stimulate students deep interest whilst allowing them as mush opportunity as possible to express their ideas and perfect their speaking skills. I find each class a very rewarding experience.
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