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Margie Kay Gaffron

I am Margie, but many of my students simply call me Teacher and I am honored.
I began teaching English to non-English speakers in 2014 when I decided to close my restaurant/bakery/catering business and “retire”. I needed something interesting to do. I live in a small university town with many international students. Soon I found myself teaching at a non-profit literacy council. Many of my students have a husband or wife with good English skills studying at the university, but many of them have never studied English themselves. Others study with me while visiting a relative who is in school here. Sometimes my classes include students from six or seven countries, and these are the best – we learn so much from one another.
My classes are Very Beginning, High Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Conversation as well as Writing on all levels including creative writing. Each week my students come to my home to share food and conversation – my Chinese students named this evening Happy Tuesday.
I was honored in 2018 to be named my literacy council’s Teacher of the Year.
I also tutor elementary students in Kindergarten to fourth grade in basic conversation. I work with middle school and high school students to improve their writing skills and with graduate students to fine-tune their professional papers.
My background is in Voice and Diction and Theatre Arts. My pronunciation skills are clear and precise. I speak slowly so my students can “hear”. I listen well and know how to help them improve their pronunciation. I speak German.
I am a published poet and writer.
My approach to teaching is to meet each student on his or her level and learn about that student’s learning goals. And then to develop a plan to meet those goals in the most interesting, least boring way possible. Doing this together should be both productive and fun.
I look forward to working with you.
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