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Elizabeth Nachtigall

Natalie Peterkin

My name is Natalie Peterkin, and I am a Professor of English at many Southern California Community Colleges. I have worked as Pasadena City College, Mt. San Antonio College, and East Los Angeles College. My specialties include literature, special needs students, and grammar. I consider my teaching style to be engaging, and I hope to connect with each student as an individual.

Markus Yupan - Heiter

Michaela Amanda Strelec

Hi there!
My name is Michaela and I am a qualified primary and secondary educator.
I am a highly active and passionate individual.
I deeply love the arts; visual and musical.
I also thoroughly enjoy sports, travel, languages, writing and reading.
I pride myself on nourishing creative thinking and expression, alongside critical thinking skills.
I believe education should be personalized to the student’s needs, utilizing their strengths to improve areas needing growth.
I think a holistic approach is necessary to learning in encouraging the growth of an entire being.
I enjoy cross-disciplinary learning, allowing pieces to naturally fall together in a fluid, cohesive manner.
I consider myself a vivacious educator on a
mission to bring out the latent potentialities of my students.


I was born and raised in Maryland, USA. I went to University at the local state college. I was an elementary school teacher for 3 years. Before that I was a private nanny for a family of four. I recently, switched to teaching English online. I am residing in Costa Rica. I am passionate about drawing, personal growth, and animals. I also enjoy reading, swimming, and watching movies. I am Master Storyteller and avid traveler so I am great with helping you with conversations based on life events and traveling.
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