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Ashley Collins Couchois

What is your goal in studying English? Is it university or business related? Is it a personal desire to be able to hold a conversation confidently with other English speakers? As a highly experienced educator my goal as a teacher is simply to help you get to where you want to go in your study of English. Whether you are aiming for proficiency in English in the areas of business, marketing, economics and finance; international relations and cultural understanding; history; law; medicine; science and engineering; art, fashion, literature, publishing and media; education; English proficiency examinations; or for enjoyment, I can assist you in achieving your goals through reading, writing, conversation, presentations (development and practice), and debates for academic study, career development or special interest and enjoyment.
Every student is unique in individual needs and expectations; therefore, my courses are designed with this in mind. I have been teaching academically for over 20 years for all ages from elementary school to high school to college to adults in the US, UK and 6 other countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Also, I have 20 years of online or remote teaching experience, so I fully understand the benefits and challenges of studying online and develop my courses to eliminate the hurdles you may face. Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the business sector and have practical business experience, as well as, educational experience. I studied Business Management, Spanish Language and Literature, and Education in the US. In addition, I studied Education at Cambridge University in the UK. I was first licensed to teach in the US and then gained certification as a Teacher of English as a Second Language in Canada.

What would you like to learn or discuss? A business plan you are creating? The impact of the Impressionists on art? How to provide excellent customer service? The existence of dark matter? Your next trip abroad? How to move past the rule of third’s in photography? The wives of Henry the 8th? Your favorite genre of music or books? How to improve your IELTS or TOEFL score? Your next holiday? What ever you wish to study, I am ready to assist you! Please contact me regarding your individual needs.

My skills include:

• Creative Course Development
• Assessment and Learning
• Professional and Academic Writing
• English Language Examination Preparation
• Professional Development
• Online Teaching and Training
• Proofreading and Editing
• Excellent Customer Service

Elizabeth Nachtigall

Natalie Peterkin

My name is Natalie Peterkin, and I am a Professor of English at many Southern California Community Colleges. I have worked as Pasadena City College, Mt. San Antonio College, and East Los Angeles College. My specialties include literature, special needs students, and grammar. I consider my teaching style to be engaging, and I hope to connect with each student as an individual.

Markus Yupan - Heiter

Michaela Amanda Strelec

Hi there!
My name is Michaela and I am a qualified primary and secondary educator.
I am a highly active and passionate individual.
I deeply love the arts; visual and musical.
I also thoroughly enjoy sports, travel, languages, writing and reading.
I pride myself on nourishing creative thinking and expression, alongside critical thinking skills.
I believe education should be personalized to the student’s needs, utilizing their strengths to improve areas needing growth.
I think a holistic approach is necessary to learning in encouraging the growth of an entire being.
I enjoy cross-disciplinary learning, allowing pieces to naturally fall together in a fluid, cohesive manner.
I consider myself a vivacious educator on a
mission to bring out the latent potentialities of my students.
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