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Nikeisha Ricketts

My name is Nikeisha and I am a professional ESL teacher. I have taught ESL online for over 5 years and I have also taught English at the high school level for 2 years. I have also been a homework and research assistant where I assist students and researchers with essay and research papers-either writing or proofreading and editing them. I have a 3 years BA degree in History and Heritage and a minor in Social Anthropology and Psychology. I am also TESOL/TEFL and TEYL certified.
I not only teach ESL but I also assist students in preparing for major English exams such as IETLS, TOEFL, EIKEN and OPIc (The speaking, listening and writing aspects).
In addition to my skills and expertise, I am a fun, patient, kind and understanding person, who not stop until I have achieved my goals and until my students have achieved their goals

Dinielle Rachel White

Hello Everyone

Rutendo Kakora

Kurt Stoecker

I love to teach English to all ages and abilities. I've been teaching for over ten years, all over the United States and in China.

Bradley Warfield

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