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Quenisha Odum

Hello! I am Ms. Quenisha Odum. I am a educator in Central Florida. I currently teach at a K-8 Civics Academy School with Polk County Schools. I have extensive experience teaching and tutoring students. I have been teaching for 5 years, before becoming a full time teacher I was a classroom assistant for 3 years, and a substitute teacher. I studied education and recently advanced my career into educational leadership. I am passionate about education and helping my students academically succeed through active engagement and research based learning. I believe that students learn at different modalities and I learn each student to help them learn in their own way. I enjoy reading, going to the gym (spinning, yoga), and beach.

Abby Swanson

I have a degree in Special Education, and experience working with students ages 3-14. I have worked in a variety of public schools in my area, and have tutored 1-2 students per semester in reading and math. I enjoy building relationships with my students, and using their strengths and interests to maximize their learning.

Oluwatoyin Moronke

I am a certified teacher/tutor and expert in: English, Law, Criminal Justice, and Tax law, I have education in Economics, Social sciences and humanities at Sussex University.
Work Experience:
I am a versatile teacher and have vast academic experience in research, tutoring and English language. Currently, I teach students, English and U.S Tax Law online and also assistant instructor at Dalton college, Houston.

Matledra Krakowski

My name is Matledra. My friends call me Sarette. I am from the United States. English is my native language. I have studied Spanish since I was 10 years old. I lived and studied in Spain. I am from a multi-cultural background, which includes African-American, German and Polish. I was taught German at a young age. I have been teaching English to immigrants and international students for over 15 years. I have taught all levels- beginner to university level. I have taught high school students, college students and adults. I have taught students from all over the world. Many of my students were from Spanish-speaking countries and from China. I currently teach at two universities in New York City. I teach College Writing and First Year Composition. I am also teaching mothers and nuns English in a community center/ church. I am a warm and friendly person. Students have described me as patient and funny. I am knowledgeable about grammar, pronunciation, writing, reading, conversation and American culture. My explanations are very clear and I am a good listener. Outside of teaching, I am a mother of two. I understand the busy schedules of parents and adults. I would love to have the opportunity to teach you English.

Natalie Peterkin

My name is Natalie Peterkin, and I am a Professor of English at many Southern California Community Colleges. I have worked as Pasadena City College, Mt. San Antonio College, and East Los Angeles College. My specialties include literature, special needs students, and grammar. I consider my teaching style to be engaging, and I hope to connect with each student as an individual.
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