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Hello! My name is Mr. See, and I look forward to being your instructor! My background is in teaching high school social studies and test preparation courses in a one on one environment, as well as at the university level. I have an extensive backg...


I am a certified teacher/tutor and expert in: English, Law, Criminal Justice, and Tax law, I have education in Economics, Social sciences and humanities at Sussex University.
Work Experience:
I am a versatile teacher and have vast academic exper...


Hello! It is very nice to meet you!

My name is Aline and I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher from Virginia, USA. I have a MS in ESOL and am Endorsed in ESL by the state of VA. I am an Elementary Ed. teacher and also teach English...


Hi! My name is Melana L.

I taught 2nd grade at Invest Collegiate Imagine School for 3 years, Preschool for 1 year, and First Grade at Dana Elementary School for 1 year. I was born in Florida and moved to Hendersonville, NC for middle and high s...


I have a degree in Special Education, and experience working with students ages 3-14. I have worked in a variety of public schools in my area, and have tutored 1-2 students per semester in reading and math. I enjoy building relationships with my...
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