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Shauna Arnaud

Hi there, students! I am a very experienced teacher--I have been teaching English as a Second Language since 1993; and have taught students at many different levels, from beginner to advanced. I have taught in Japan, Korea, and Vancouver, Can...


Yvette M Watson

Multi-talented teaching professional, committed to providing a solid education and instilling the appreciation for reading and writing in all students. Talented for integrating solid lesson plans and providing a well-rounded learning experience fo...


Michael W Morgan

My goal as a teacher is quite simple: to help you get to where you want to go in your study of English. Whether you are aiming for proficiency in English for use in business, law, writing, reading, or conversation, I will do my very best to help y...


Natalie Peterkin

My name is Natalie Peterkin, and I am a Professor of English at many Southern California Community Colleges. I have worked as Pasadena City College, Mt. San Antonio College, and East Los Angeles College. My specialties include literature, special ...


Eva M Martin del Burgo Carrero

I currently work at Palm Beach State College in Florida, US. I am teaching English for Academic Purposes at all levels and also College Composition. My Master´s degree is in English literature as I love stories and my Ph.D. is in Educati...
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