A+ Teacher


Should I sign up for ZOOM first?

You don't have to sign up for ZOOM. 
ZOOM account is a nice-to-have but not a must.

A+ TEACHER uses ZOOM as the virtual classroom for teachers to communicate with students.
Be sure you download ZOOM before starting classes here with A+ TEACHER!

Do I need to prepare my own teaching material?

Yes. Please prepare your own teaching material. You can use it as class content in lessons in a zoom classroom.

Can I see a sample of the teaching material?

We don’t actually have samples of teaching material, but we don’t have any restrictions on what material you can use. For instance, you can choose material that you usually teach.

What equipment do I need to teach at A+ Teacher?

Teachers need a reliable Internet connection, a functioning headset and microphone, and a webcam. We suggest that you use a computer and conduct your teaching in a quiet room.

What should I do if I find that there is more than one student in the classroom?

Please use your right as a room host to block the conversation of the extra person, and please inform A+ TEACHER customer service (service@aplus-teacher.com) so that we can follow up.

When does the class begin and end?

Each class begins on the hour or half-hour and ends on the 27th or 57th minute mark. You can enter the ZOOM classroom one and a half minutes before the class begins. The system will close the classroom on time when the class period ends.

When will I be considered absent?

Each class begins on the hour or half-hour. Then after the 1st or 31st minute, the sign "go to class" will disappear from the screen at which point you will be considered absent.

Does A+ TEACHER take video recordings for classes?

Yes, A+ TEACHER takes video recordings for all the classes.

How long does one class last?

Each class lasts for 27 minutes, and when it ends the system will enable the class to finish. Therefore we suggest that teachers prepare for ending their classes at around 25 minutes.

Can I cancel a class?

Yes, you can cancel a class at least 12 hours before it begins. When the class has been reserved, the system will send you an email message. There is an "Accept the Class" icon on the mail. If you  then click on the icon, this means that you will be present to teach this class. However, you can still cancel this class 12 hours before it is due to start.  If you do not click on the icon, the class will be cancelled by the system 12 hours before it is due to start.

What will happen if I accept the class but am then absent from it?

If you are absent from your scheduled class, the system will compensate the student US$10 and charge your teaching account a US$10 processing fee.

What should I do if I can't attend my regular course?

The student can reserve your course 24 hours before the course starts, if you are temporarily not available please go to "Course Information" and cancel your availability as soon as possible.

What should I do if the student doesn't show up?

The student can enter the classroom at any time during the period when the class is scheduled. You must stay in the classroom until the class ends in order to receive your class payment.