A+ Teacher


What is A+ Teacher?

A+ Teacher is an online English-Language learning platform that connects students with U.S. English teachers for one-to-one sessions via a online classroom.

Where do I teach?

Teachers can teach from anywhere with a computer and Internet access.

What age group would I be teaching?

The students are expected to be between 18 to 35 years old. But A+ Teacher does not impose any restrictions on a student's age. 

What are the teaching hours?

You can teach at anytime you choose. You can select any time periods in a day, any day in a week and any week in a year.

How many one-to-one sessions can I teach?

You can teach an unlimited amount of one-to-one sessions at A+ Teacher.

How do I apply to teach at A+ Teacher?

Submit an online application.

When will I hear back from A+ Teacher?

You will hear back from A+ Teacher within one week.

How do I get students?

Students select their own teachers.