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About us

A+Teacher is on a mission to connect aspiring and expert-level English teachers to enthusiastic students in Asian countries. 
Our students are international, mostly from Asia. All our class sessions are conducted online on a one to one interactive basis. Each class session lasts 27 minutes. Each teacher sets his/her own session fee and is paid hourly by working online. Each teacher decides the class material, the class time and the method of teaching.
Our students are from top universities in Asian countries and they are eager to learn. After you become A+Teacher, you will bring back the joy of teaching.
To become an A+Teacher, you should live in United States.
Besides, you should possess a teaching certificate/credential which is issued by the state government. 
What are you waiting for? Stop thinking and join A+Teacher!!!

To Become a teacher

After you have completed the registration, log into A+Teacher and receive a US$100.00 reward.
We will distribute this amount throughout 10 sessions.(That is, you will receive US$10 more in addition to your session payment each time you teach a session in the first 10 sessions of your teaching.)

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If you have any questions and suggestions, please leave a message for us (A+ Teacher Service), and the service personnel will reply to you within one working day.

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